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You can drive any vehicle from C to MR and HR to C if you have the proper license. You can go up to an hr license nsw if you already have a car license.

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Pro Action Driver School

With an HR license, what can I drive?

More than 8 tones in GVM is required to qualify as a “heavy rigid” truck or bus. Towing a trailer with a weight of less than nine (9) tones is permitted for holders of an HR license. An MR is slightly heavier than an LR, and an HR has more wheels than an MR when comparing the classifications of heavy vehicles.

To apply for an HR license, you must:

  • To qualify, you must have held a Class C license for at least two years (excluding a learner’s license).
  • take and pass a test on heavy-duty vehicle knowledge
  • take and pass a vision test
  • Pass the HVCBA or a test for driving a heavy vehicle.

About the Pro-Action Driver Training

Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) accredited by Roads and Maritime Services (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority – RTA) with heavy vehicle licensed instructors to conduct the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment.

One-on-one training with Pro-Action Driver Training will help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for safely driving a heavy rigid vehicle during the course. The final competency assessment (FCA) will be conducted at the end of the course after students have been trained and assessed in various competencies. This course is designed to teach and evaluate all required competencies so that students can upgrade their HR truck license nsw to an unrestricted one upon successful completion.

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