HC Truck Licence


With an HC truck licence your choice or career options really expands. The Road Transport Industry can’t get enough highly trained and skilled HC truck drivers. Gaining your HC truck licence from Pro-action Driver Training is straightforward.

HR Truck Licence


Getting your HR truck licence is the gateway to an exciting new career. The Road Transport Industry is constantly looking for highly trained and skilled truck drivers. But for many heavy vehicle jobs you need to gain an HR truck licence from a truck driving school such as the Pro-action Driver Training program.

MR Truck Licence


An MR truck licence is a highly desirable qualification in a high growth industry. The Road Transport Industry needs highly trained and skilled truck and bus drivers. Your first step into this exciting and lucrative career is to gain an MR truck licence from Pro-action Driving Training.

LR Truck Licence


Your LR truck licence is the perfect introduction to the world of professional heavy vehicle driving. There are so many career opportunities today for LR truck licence holders. And gaining your LR licence with the Pro-action driver training program gives you a real head start.

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