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It is possible to receive driver training for heavy rigid (HR) trucks and buses with a GVM greater than or equal to 8 tones and three or more axles. There are also bendy buses listed in this category.

The Pro-action Driver Training is a great place to start a deeply rewarding career
Pro Action Driver School

Lessons in Driving in central coast

If you engage with us, we may modify your truck license central coast to cater to your needs and goals. Our Better Way training program, which delivers a stress-free and encouraging studying environment, makes it simple to experience a sense of self-assurance regarding your educational pursuits. Because your instructor will evaluate your driving ability before the end of the lesson, you will have notes to refer to when you are getting ready for the test.

Train with us because…

  • “Well-Known Instructional Organization”
  • Trainers that have worked in the field are necessary.
  • Training that is both inexpensive and of a good standard
  • Real-world experience is a required component of every course.
  • The feedback that our trainees have received has been positive.

Courses That Have Received National Accreditation

The Pro-action Driver Training is qualified to meet all state and federal safety laws, as evidenced by its accreditation from RMS. We give training for heavy vehicles in our fleet of light, medium, and heavy rigid trucks, as well as heavy combination trucks, at the driving ranges that we have approved. If you can complete the courses, Pro-action Driver Training will offer you a statement of accomplishment that is nationally recognized in addition to your hr license central coast.

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