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License for HR Rigid Trucks

The highest class of truck license you can obtain by holding a hr license penrith. For an HR license, you must have held a car (Open or P class) or higher course of driver’s license for at least 24 months (12 months for MR).

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Which vehicles are I allowed operating with an HR driver’s license?

Over 8 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and three or more axles are required for an HR vehicle. This includes prime movers and mobile cranes.

The HR Condition B, on the other hand, is an excellent first truck license penrith for those seeking work in the transportation sector. Many jobs are available for those with a crash gearbox license, as many modern trucks and heavy vehicles no longer use crash gearboxes. For those who plan to drive trucks or buses/coaches for a living, this is the gearbox you’ll want to go with instead of a road ranger. If you ever need to upgrade from this license, it’s simple to do so.

Before enrolling in HR license training, we recommend researching the roles you’re interested in to see which truck licenses are required.

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Truck drivers with advanced training and experience are in high demand in the road transportation industry. However, if you want to work with heavy vehicles, you’ll need an HR truck license from a school like Pro-action Driver Training. We offer RMS-approved and accredited driver training and competency-based (HVCBA) assessments to assist you in entering this rapidly expanding market.

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