HC Truck Licence

With an HC truck licence your choice or career options really expands. The Road Transport Industry can’t get enough highly trained and skilled HC truck drivers.

Gaining your HC truck licence from Pro-action Driver Training is straightforward.

Our RMS approved and accredited driver training and competency-based assessments (HVCBA) allow you to become part of this rapidly expanding industry.

What Can I Drive With an HC Licence?

Your HC (Heavy Combination) truck licence allows you to drive a huge range of heavy vehicles.

This means your job possibilities are much greater.

Many industries throughout Australia are desperately seeking professionals with an HC truck licence. An HC truck licence could provide exciting career pathways in industries such as mining, logistics, and construction.

In fact, almost every single industry views an HC licensed driver as an invaluable asset.

With an HC licence you could be driving:

  • Logging trucks
  • General freight deliveries
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Concrete mixers
  • Fuel tankers
  • Truck and dog

An HC heavy vehicle licence allows you to drive articulated vehicles with three or more axles.

This includes heavy rigid vehicle trailer combinations such as an unladen dolly, with three or more axles and any towed trailer with a GVM (gross vehicle mass) of more than nine tonnes.

An HC truck licence gained through the Pro-action Driver Training demonstrates that you meet all the requirements as set out by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

That’s why you and potential employers can be assured that your licence is the result of some of the best industry-leading driver training available.

It’s our job to make sure you are equipped with the highest safety and driver competencies and skills and you’re ready to drive in one of the most satisfying and rewarding professions around.

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What the Course Covers

Driving an HC vehicle requires a high level of competency and safety awareness across a broad range of truck driving skills.

Through the Pro-action HC truck licence training you can expect to gain confidence and competency in the following:

  • Pre Operational Checks
  • Cabin Drill
  • Start, Move Off, Shut Down & Secure
  • Manages Steering
  • Manages Gears
  • Manages Brakes
  • Manages Accelerator
  • Create/Maintain Crash Avoidance Space (CAS)
  • Protect Crash Avoidance Space (CAS)
  • Road Rules and Directions
  • Reverse
  • Hill Stop/Start
  • Load Securing
  • Coupling/Uncoupling (HC/MC only)
  • Bus Stop Procedure (Bus Only)

We take our commitment to the highest standards of road safety very seriously. We’ll work with you to ensure your competency and expertise in safe truck handling.

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What Do I Need to Do Next?

You can upgrade to an HC truck licence from an MR or HR licence if you have held that licence for one year or more. You can include time spent on a P2 MR or HR licence.

But you can’t practice driving an HC vehicle or upgrade to an HC licence until you hold a P2 or full class MR or HR licence.

Your next steps are:

  • Fill out the application from—you can download it here
  • Pass the required eyesight test
  • Pass the HC Driver Knowledge test. Start the test here on the RMS website. Questions will test general knowledge and road safety regulations specific to the HC heavy vehicle class.
  • Pay the applicable fee. Check the fees out here

You will lift your probability of passing the Driver Knowledge test above zero if you study the information in the handbooks available here.

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Do I Need any Training Materials?

Yes, you also need an HVCBA Learner’s Log Book and a Guide to Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment – they are required for your assessment and is supplied by the RMS once you’ve passed the Knowledge Test.

The Learner’s Log and guide book will provide essential information and help keep you on track through the assessment process.

Now you’re ready to apply to Pro-action Driver Training for your competency-based training and assessment.

Will I Also Have to Sit an RMS Driving Test?


Successfully completing the Pro-action Driver Training and assessment programme with our RMS accredited assessors is a measure of your competency to drive and sit the final assessment.

Be aware the assessor for the final Competency Assessment cannot be the same person who provided your training.

We arrange the assessor for the final Competency Assessment as part of our course and if you have done your training with another training provider we can complete your final competency assessment (FCA) with you.

When you pass your assessment you can pick up your new licence from the nearest RMS service centre.

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